Scientific visit to the fourth year students of the Systems Engineering Branch to Iraqi Airways


     Under the direct guidance of the head of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering and within the scientific activities of the Department Systems Engineering Branch organized a scientific visit to the Iraqi Airways for students of the fourth year to familiarize them the company ports.

The tour started with the training and development department at the company's headquarters. The students listened to a detailed explanation of the company's history, activities and services. The students were accompanied by a tour inside the institute to familiarize them with the various activities and watching the aviation simulator devices and classrooms that prepared by pilots and fight hosts.

Then, the students accompanied by a tour of the global maintenance center and briefed them on the parts of the aircraft details, types of mechanical defects, engineering risks to the structure of the aircraft, main engineering parts of mechanical and electrical parts of the aircraft and the tests conducted by the Center and listened to a detailed explanation of the role of the company in the field of aircraft maintenance and technical support for the company's aircraft .

One of the most important objectives of the scientific visit was to link theoretical study with practical applications and to clarify some electro-mechanical and mechanical applications in the field of maintenance.

The Scientific Visits Committee accompanied the students on their visit consisted of Assist. Prof. Dr. Shereen Faeq AbdulKareem, lecturer Dr. Adnan Ghareeb Tohma, lecturer Dr. Hussein Saad, lecturer Dr. Ban Mokheiber, Lecturer Rawa Ahmed Hilal, lecturer Anmar Khalil Ibrahim and Lecturer Lamia Khalil Hassan.







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