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  • Syllabus

    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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    Department graduates for graduate and undergraduate studies

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    Capstone projects, Culminating projects, or Senior Exhibitions

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        Computerized Electronic Learning, Online Learning     To view the website click below:           https://sites.google.com/uotechnology.edu.iq/electromechanical-elearning   Statistics for Joining Google Classroom       

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    Subjects Guidance and their References


  Academic Committee:

It is one of the permanent committees in the department. It focuses on the academic activities of the department in its three branches, Electromechanical Engineering, Energy and Renewable Energies Engineering, and Navigation and Guidance Engineering. The main focus is on all the academic areas that make or lead to higher scientific rank among other local and international universities and higher education institutions. This committee focuses on the faculty members academic affairs in addition to the undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

  Scientific Visits Committee:

  Graduate Studies Committee:

  Academic Promotions Committee:

  Students Graduation Research/Projects Committee:

This committee performs the tasks of distributing the graduation research projects to the senior students (fourth year college) for each of the academic branches of the department and maintain a follow-up with sub-committees.

  Educational and Health Orientation Committee:

This committee contributes to support the scientific and academic research movement in the department by helping fixing the problems that cause delays in the process of teaching, including frequent students absences or in relation to the curriculum or methods of teaching.

  Maintenance Committee:

  Students Summer Training Committee:

This committee manages the summer training process in coordination with the University Summer Training Committee.

  Examination Committee:






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