Admission, Registration and Graduation Regulations - Undergraduate

Morning Shift: (Direct Admission Requirements)

  1. Pass the computer based admission test, CBAT.
  2. Pass the interview with the admission committee.
  3. Total score = (High School GPA x 0.8) + (CBAT score x 0.2)

Morning Shift: (National Admission Requirements)

   Requirements and selection process are administered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR)


Registration Requirements (All kind of admissions):

  1. Registration has to be done within 15 days of its opening.
  2. Colored copies of Civil Status ID and Citizenship Certificate, or a copy of the Iraqi national card for the student, student’s father, student’s mother.
  3. Authenticated high school certificate.
  4. Guarantor
  5. 3 Photos
  6. Medical examination form
  7. A CD contains all the above required documents in addition to the hard copies.


Graduation Requirements:

  1. Successfully passed all curriculum materials for all classes.
  2. Completion of summer training.
  3. The high school certificate has to be audited.
  4. Department’s council approval on the class grades.








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