The EME Strategy Plan

The Strategy Plan for the Department of Electromechanical Engineering



The Essential Themes of the Strategic Structure Plan

 1. The vision of the educational institution

 2. The mission of the educational institution

 3. Core Values

 4. The general objectives of the department

 5. The Practical Goals

 6. Business plans

 7. Key Performance Indicators


First: Department Vision

The objective is to enabler the department to be one of the distinguished departments by creativity and leadership in the field of engineering specialization, according to the requirements of the labour market and technological development.



 Second: Department Mission

Produce graduates with fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards by providing the highest quality learning that is applied in the field of electromechanical engineering specialization, which integrates the major of mechanical and electrical engineering with all its applications through the applying of advanced engineering curricula that have local and international academic accreditation.


Core Values

The basic principles advised by the department to support the strategic plan summarized as follows:

 1. Supporting the national affiliation of the department's employees and preserving the academic staff.

 2.  Exhibit the plan and its phases and declare its implementation thereof with clearness and integrity along with presenting the obstacles.

 3. Take into consideration all remarks and problems and deal with them objectively.

 4. Working as a team to develop the higher interest.

 5. Continuous guidance by the university rules.

 6. Preserving the department outcomes 'the student', by supporting them to take ownership of their learning and development and to plan for their future career along with the requirement of the labour market.

 7. Creating external relations with private, public and mixed sector companies with specializations to support the educational process.

 8. Fostering new approaches to cross-disciplinary research, including encouraging outstanding global research collaborations.

 9. Combining our proven research excellence with demonstrable economic, environmental, health and social impact such as Preserving the environment by focusing on renewable energies.


Fourth: The General Objectives

The general objectives of the Department are identical to the University goals which are summarized as follows:

1. The expansion of the department scientifically.

2. Providing graduates with the skills required in the labour market to obtain employment opportunities.

3. Developing the competence of faculty members for local and international scientific communication.

4. Publish the sober research in global journals.

5. Maximize the department's materialistic and financial resources.

6. Reliance on administrative, principal and competence leadership in achieving the planned program.


Fifth: The Practical Goals

The Department has set an assortment of general goals that are compatible with the University objectives besides the determination of action plans to implement them in practice and fixing the performance indicators for each goal. These aims can be summarized in the following table:




The Department Strategic Plan Schedule Time for  2021-2026