The Electromechanical Engineering Department holds an electronic workshop on the advantages and obstacles of E-learning

The Electromechanical Engineering Department held an electronic workshop on a  Free Call Conference platform on Sunday 26/4/2020 entitle: "Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning distance using google classroom platform". The workshop was prepared and presented by Asst Prof. Dr. Anam Obaid Hassoun and Asst Prof. Dr. Hussein Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim and Dr. Samar Jaafar Ismail.   

The topic outlines of the workshop revolved about distance learning definition and its types. Where distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. The other points discussed throughout this seminar were the pros represented by it offers opportunities in situations where traditional education has difficulty operating. Students with scheduling or distance problems can benefit, employees for example, because distance education can be more flexible in terms of time and can be delivered virtually anywhere. On the other hand, some distance learning doesn’t offer as much flexibility as you need, wherein the flexibility of online learning can be difficult for some if they’re not self-motivated. The attendance touched on a very important issue which is how to be a good e-electronic teacher. The workshop concluded with a combination of attendees experiences, and all questions and inquiries were answered.