Awarding a Master's Degree with Distinction Degree

The student Noha Ali Jassim Mohammed has been awarded a master's degree with distinction for a dissertation entitled: "Enhancement of water Distillation System by Using Solar".  In this work, two methods were used to enhance the performance of an evacuated tube solar collector. The first method adopted on two types of Nanofluids in the evacuated tube solar collector system, while the second approach utilized the artificial intelligent method.  The experimental results proved the success of the suggested methods. 

The exam committee consisted of  Asst. Prof. Muhammad Hassan Jabal as a chairman and membership of each of Prof. Kifah Hamid Hilal from the Technical College of Engineering / Baghdad and in the presence of student's supervisors both of Asst. Prof. Dr. Talib Zughair Farag and Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Jawad Mohamed.