Awarding a Master's Degree with Distinction 

The student Fatima Attia Lafta has been awarded a master's degree with distinction for a dissertation entitled "Modelling and Control of PV panel Performance using an Intelligent Methods and Electromechanical Actuator”. This work aims to increase the throughput of solar panels by increasing cooling efficiency through intelligent control system PID-PSO of the solar panel temperature. Two methods were applied in this study ANFIS and NARX. Experimental results showed the success of these methods where 80% of designing system efficiency was achieved.

The exam committee consisted of  Prof. Dr. Hosham Salim Aneed as a chairman and membership of each of  Asst Prof. Khaled Faisal Sultan from the University of Technology, Dr. Fadel Abbas Jumaa from the Middle Euphrates Technical University / Musayyib Technical College and in the presence of student's supervisors both of Asst. Prof. Dr. Ebtisan Ahmed Hasan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Jawad Mohamed.