The Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering Branch organized a workshop on the role of the Green Team in spreading the culture of environmental awareness 

The Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering Branch in the Electromechanical Engineering Department at the University of Technology organized a workshop entitled “The Role of the Green Team in Spreading the Environmental Awareness Culture.” The workshop, held in the electronic classroom, is attended by some staff members and students 

The workshop, prepared by Dr. Ali Abdul Wahab Ismail, aimed to describe the environmental awareness and its related aspects and the role of forming the student’s green team to promote this culture, thus investing more in using renewable energy sources in Iraq 

The workshop included several topics, the most important of which is the idea of volunteering activities for afforestation campaigns, waste recycling programs, energy conservation programs, and renewable energy investing.  Enhancing the prospects of cooperating with centers and institutions is a strategic approach that promotes the culture of environmental protection 

The workshop concluded by answering all of the related questions and inquiries