The Department of Electromechanical Engineering organized a training workshop entitled How to use LinkedIn


The Graduates’ Follow-up Unit in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology organized a training workshop entitled (How to use LinkedIn), on  3/28/2024, at Al-Kindi Hall, in the presence of the fourth-year students and some graduates

The workshop, delivered by the Assistant Lecturer Mr. Ahmed Imad J., the head of the Graduates Follow-up Unit, explained the definition of the LinkedIn platform and the correct steps to create a professional profile

The workshop included several topics related to defining the LinkedIn platform, how to create an account, how to create a professional profile, how to use the platform, the importance of the platform for communicating with companies and obtaining training and job opportunities, and what are the appropriate steps to spread the account and reach the most significant number of companies, and how to search and apply for jobs from the platform

The importance of this workshop lies in preparing the students and helping them market their capabilities correctly to companies through this professional communication platform

The workshop concluded by answering the related questions and inquiries