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Under the auspices of The President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan El-Ghabban

And  Head of Electromechanical Engineering Department Assistant Professor Dr. Hosham Salim Aneed

The Department of Electromechanical Engineering holds a scientific symposium  


 The importance of oil and gas equipment engineering in supporting the national economy



On Tuesday 28/2/2020 at half past nine in the morning in the Cendy Hall



1st International Conference of Electromechanical Engineering and its Applications (IEMEAC 2019)

15-16th on December 2019


          Electromechanical  Engineering  Department (EME) in University of Technology (UoT) is pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st International Conference of Electromechanical Engineering and its Applications (IEMEAC 2019) will be held in Baghdad from 15-16th on December 2019 by submitting the original high quality papers or studies related with the conference topics through attendance or live virtual video participating.


Conference Aims:

  • promoting the modern applications of electromechanical engineering in all its branches:
  • Electromechanical systems engineering
  • Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Navigation and Guidance engineering
  • Unmanned aircraft systems engineering
  • Exchange of scientific and practical experiences with specialists international universities.
  • Encourage the researchers to publish the applied and practical academic research in Scopus or Master Journal List

 All researchers can submite their papers for the conference using link below:








The second course exam for postgraduate students / Master Schedule

(Electromechanical Systems Engineering and Power Engineering)



The Department of Electromechanical Engineering is under the patronage of the

President of the University Dr. Amin Douai

The scientific symposium entitled:


The importance of keeping up with the rapid development of modern navigational systems to solve practical problems


On April 26, 2018 at 9:00 am at Al-Kindi Hall, Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Announcement to graduate students


Research from the Master Thesis



      Please register the research from the master's thesis in a special format, the Graduate Studies Division before submitting it to a publishing journal. In the case of non-registration of the thesis, it will not be approved by the student discussion committee. The following research will be approved after publication in the journal or acceptance of the publication In the journal. Note that the research that derives from the Master's thesis should include the first supervisor and the second supervisor and the name of the student project only.


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                                                                                                                                                                                Graduate Studies Division

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