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Academics from Department of Electromechanical Engineering Participate in the Fourth Engineering Scientific Conference

         Head of Energy and Renewable Energies Engineering branch in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Talib. Z. Farage and Dr. Esraa Saad Ahmed participated in a joint scientific paper with the Administrative Assistant of Electrometrical Engineering Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Khalid Faisal Sultan in the fourth scientific engineering conference and the first in sustainable engineering. This conference was hosted by College of Engineering at Al-Mustansiriya University on 28-29 / 3/2018.                                                                                                                    

This paper presented a practical and theoretical study of the thermal pipe and its high efficiency on heat transfer and this paper also mentioned to the future trends to use this pipe in various fields of engineering.                                                                              


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Workshop in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering on the Practical Life of the Student after graduation


          The alumni follow-up unit in Department of Electromechanical Engineering in collaboration with the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit at the University of Technology and the Moon Gate company for communications and information technology hosted a workshop entitled "The Life of the students after graduation". the president of the University of Technology Prof. Amin Daway Thamir and his assistants for scientific and administrative affairs attended this workshop along with the Head of Electromechanical Engineering Department Dr. Hosham Salim Anead ِand many of heads of departments of the university. In addition, 325 graduates and students from all departments of the University of Technology and other universities participated in this workshop as well.

The workshop included two themes, the first one talked about the practical life of the student after graduation and how to market their selves through interviews and the preparation of the curriculum vitae. The second theme was about the current methods that are used by international companies on information technology to anti-hacker.

At the end of the workshop, honorary shields were awarded by the president of the University of Technology to the academics including the head of the Electromechanical Engineering Department and the head of the alumni follow-up unit in the department lecturer Dr. Mohammed Jawad Mohammed.




















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Training Course for E-Learning Committees in Electromechanical Engineering Department


The e-learning committee in Department of Electromechanical Engineering conducted a training course for the e-learning sub-committees for three days from 27 to 29/3/2018. This course was presented by the head of the e-learning committee Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussain Abdual Aziz.                                                                       

The course involved a training approach on how to activate and use the university official e-mail and how to interact between the academics and the department and between department and students on the other hand. In addition, this course included training on how to activate and use Google Scholar for the purpose of qualifying a qualified staff to train the academic staff in all branches of the department, in order to document their published papers in their Google Scholar account.                                                                                                                       














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Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Kadhem Eidan received the certificate of the

best scientific research at an international conference


Advanced Computational Methods in Energy, Power, Electric Vehicles, and Their Integration 

International Conference on Life System Modeling and Simulation, LSMS 2017 and

International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment,

ICSEE 2017, Nanjing, China, September 22-24, 2017, Proceedings, Part 3


The Paper Title:

Integration of the Demand Side Management with Active and Reactive Power Economic Dispatch of Microgrid


      This Paper presents a fully developed integration of the demand side management (DSM) into multi-period unified active power dynamic economic dispatch of the microgrid (MGs) combined with the unit commitment (UC) to reduce the total operational cost or maximizes the profit with higher security.       In the proposed optimization approach all consumers, such as residential, industrial, and commercial one can involve simultaneously in the DSM techniques. The shifting techniques are applied to the residential load, while demand bidding program (DBP) is applied to the industrial and commercial loads.The proposed optimal approach is tested on a low voltage (LV) hybrid connection MG including different types of loads and distributed generators (DGs). The results reveal that the proposed optimization approaches reduce the operation cost of the MG, while there are no impacts of the DSM on the profile.


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workshop on e-learning using Google Classroom



Google Classroom is a free teaching tool that will help teachers communicate with students at all times and allow them to create assignments and then present them to students, as well as conducting scientific discussions between students and professors through this easy-to-use application.

          The Department of Electromechanical Engineering at Al-Kindi Hall held on Thursday 11/1/2018 a workshop on e-learning using Google Classroom in the presence of the Head of Electromechanical Engineering Department Assistant Professor Dr. Hisham Selim Enyed, scientific and administrative assistants and students of the first course .  The workshop was run by the chairman of the e-learning committee in the department Assistant Professor Dr. Hussein Abdulaziz Abrahem and explained by the lecturer Dr. Samar Jafar Ismail.

    The workshop dealt with the steps related to access to the application for the Google Classroom service in addition to explaining how to register and deal with the application and how to interact with the course material such as lectures and questions and the professor's comments and how to send responses by the student.This workshop is the completion of the training workshop held by the website's committee on Tuesday 9/1/2018 for the teachers to explain the importance of using this service, which makes communication between the student and the lectures much easier and makes a big difference in the life of students with the classroom was delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Hussein Abdulaziz Abrahem and Hussain Mohammed Abdul Hussain and Eng. Zaid Talal Abdul Jabbar.



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