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Dr. Khalid Faisal Sultan Shanan

Electromechanical Engineering Department

Assistant professor

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Khalid Faisal Sultan works at the University of Technology, Electromechanical Engineering Department. He received the B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of technology in 1996 and also a BS.c degree in the law from the University of Baghdad, 2000. The MSc and PhD degrees in Thermal and Energy Engineering in 2004 and 2012, respectively. The assistant professor Khalid has published many articles in science, engineering, and technology along with his academic career. His research area is heat transfer enhancement, energy and renewable energy, artificial intelligent methods, applications Nanofluids, and power plants.

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Ph.D., Mechanical engineering, power, Nano Fluids, University of Technology, 2012, Baghdad Iraq.

M.Sc., Mechanical engineering, Power, University of Technology, 2004, Baghdad, Iraq.

B.Sc., Law collage, Baghdad University, 2001. Iraq – Baghdad

B. Sc.,Military sciences, in Military Engineering Collage, Baghdad, Iraq, 1996

B. Sc., Mechanical engineering, in Military Engineering Collage. Baghdad, Iraq, 1996.

Heat transfer enhancement

Energy and renewable energy

Artificial intelligent methodsd

Applications Nanofluids, and power plants

Thermodynamics, fluids mechanics

Internal Combustion and Engineering Materials

Applications Hybrid Nanofluids

Engineering materials

Fluids Mechanic

Heat Transfer


Internal combustion engine

Power plant

Numerical and engineering analysis

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, (4) Recognition Letters.

President of the University of Technology, (7) Recognition Letters.

Head of Electro-Mechanical Engineering Department, (10) Recognition Letters.

Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, (1) Recognition Letter.