Cinque Terre

Saadi Turied Kurdi Zawbaa

Electromechanical Engineering Department

Assistant professor

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Ph.D., Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Aviation Electronics-Aircraft power system), University of Technology, Baghdad, IRAQ, 2006.

M.Sc.,Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Aviation Electronics- Transfer images-Air communication), University of Belgrade, Serbia Republic, Former Yugoslavia Republic, 1983.

HD., Higher Diploma, Electronic Engineering (Aviation Electronics (Avionic) Flight Data Recorder (FDR). The Former Soviet Union, 1988.

B.Sc., Aircraft Engineering,( Aviation Electronics), University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic. ( College of Engineering -Rajlovac VTVA) Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Former Yugoslavia Republic, 1981.

All research related to aircraft, whether civilian or military.

UAV design and manufacture

Control the flight of drones

All research related to the uses of drones, protection of oil and gas pipelines, detection of oil and gas reservoirs, fire-fighting, water dams protection, all military uses.

Air navigation

Navigation using (GPS &INS)

Autopilot and its applications

Aircraft modernization

Aircraft maintenance and periodic inspection

Analyse and read flight data

Power system analysis

AC and DC machines

Power system analysis and Power system principle

Autopilot desig

Air navigatio

Aircraft Power System and Instrument

Navigation equipment desig

Reading and analyzing square and geographic coordinates.

Mat lab software and applications in engineering and aircraft.

Analyse and read aviation data (FDR&VDR)-Black box

Dr. Saadi has been received many acknowledgements letters during his academic career.