Honoring a group of professors participating in the 6th International Scientific Conference of Nanotechnology to give them a shield of excellence



       In appreciation of the efforts made in the success of the 6th International Scientific Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials and its Applications held at the University of Technology,  under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi, a group of electromechanical engineering professors were honored due to their valuable participation in the conference.

      The professors who participated in the presiding and chairmanship of a number of the sessions of the conference received honorary shields, namely: the scientific assistant Dr. Anam Obaid Hassoun, the administrative assistant, Dr. Khalid Faisal Sultan, and the head of the Electromechanical Systems branch Dr. Hashim Abed Hussain, the head of the Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering branch Dr. Taleb Zoghair Faraj and head of Engineering and Navigation Engineering Branch Dr. Samir Abdel-Khaliq Aziz as well as Prof.Dr. Jalal Mohamed Jalil, Dr. Adel Hanoun Ayal and Dr. Adnan Gharib Tama and Dr. Hussein Abdel Aziz Ibrahim and Dr. Manal Kazem Odeh and Dr. Samar Jaffar Ismail and Dr. Israa Saad Ahmed and Dr. Aseel Abdul Baqi Abdul Razzaq and Dr. Hadi Kazem walls and Dr. Sundus Samir Gomaa and Mr. Abdul Rahman Shaker Mahmoud.

    The head of the department said that this honor is proof of the hard work of the professors and their effective contribution to this conference. The electromechanical engineering department was one of the sponsors and hosts of this great scientific forum, and everyone participated in making it a success. Wish the success and luck to all.




















































































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