The Department of Electromechanical Engineering awards the Master with excellent degree for designing and implementing of an electromechanical system for processing crude oil viscosity at low temperatures


       A postgraduate student in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering Amna Mohamed Mustafa Sami has been awarded a master's with excellent degree for her thesis:

Design and Implementation of an Electromechanical System for the Treatment of Dynamic Turbine within the Flow of Heavy Fluids

     The thesis studied the design and implementation of an electromechanical system works on viscosity reduction and improves the liquidity of crude oil in pipes at low temperatures by exposing an electric field using a wide range of innovative Graphene. The practical results showed that the viscosity of crude oil was reduced by 54.6% at 1.5 ° C and 64.8% at 0 ° C and 73.7% at -3 ° C.

      The discussion committee consisted of: Assist. Prof. Dr. Enaam Obaid Hassoun from University of Technology Electromechanical Engineering Department as a Chairman and Membership of Assist. Prof. Dr.  Naseer Abboud Issa from Nahrain University, Faculty of Engineering and lecturer Dr. Rasha Fahim Nazem from University of Technology, Electromechanical Engineering Department, in addition to Prof. Dr. Raheeq Ismail Ibrahim and lecturer Dr. Manal Kazem as supervisors and both of them form University of Technology - Department of Electromechanical Engineering.








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