Navigation and GuidanceEngineering Branch


About Navigation and guidance Engineering Branch: 

Navigation and guidance Engineering Branch are established in the academic year 2014- 2015 within the Electromechanical Engineering Department at the University of Technology, It is a first engineering specialty at the country level in the navigation and guidance field, for the purpose to Keep up with the rapid development in the engineering sciences of the navigation systems as well as the tracking and guidance via satellite and its uses and the extensive applications in the land, sea and air and to meet current and future needs of the widespread navigation devices through the development of an efficient high-engineers, to make them capable to meet the needs of the labor market in the state institutions and private industry.

The Branch Tasks:-
1- Preparing a studying plan for the primary studies in the branch and offering it to the scientific committee to be approved.
2- Preparing teachers for teaching syllabuses for different studying stages inside and outside the branch.
3- Working on preparing complete labs of the branch
4- Following up level of employee’s performance and commitments to the official time.
5- Following up the approved studying plan through commissioning teachers according to their specializations and hours a quorum within the university full – time and hours of laboratories.
6-Participation in preparing the studying plan of higher studies in coordination with the scientific committee in the department.
7- Candida ting the employees to the higher studies whom are qualified to be accepted in the higher studies inside the country or outside and according to the required specializations needed in the branch.
8- Forming scientific, technical and administrative committees to carry out the required tasks.
9- Carrying out decisions of the university council and department council.

The Researching Directions of Electromechanical Branch:-

Branch aims to graduate engineering staff specialist gathering between the navigation, guidance and Computer Engineering. The teachers’ researches are concerned with useful and important subjects of the industrial and academic sectors in the scope of electromechanical engineering and navigation, guidance and Computer Engineering. The researchers are theoretical, practical or joint, that combine between the theoretical and the practical. These researches are concerned with navigation theory,navigation systems, satellite communication, radar theory, and radar systems.