Vision Mission and Objectives


Aiming to build an engineering establishment in Electromechanical field to be out standing one among the top international university.



Preparing an Electromechanical specialists having an out standing knowledge level , keeping up with the rapid developed trends in this field and complying with the professional moral conduct in serving the work sectors and society.



The department aims to achieve the following objectives:

Graduating engineers highly qualified in Electromechanical field , capable to develop their skills in the engineering knowledge aspects , able to utilize this in the specialized Electromechanical application and mastering the design and implementation of all devices related to this discipline.

Feeding the society with the specialists , experts and scientific consultants in Electromechanical engineering field.

Supporting the research scientific center and engineering industrial projects by the highly capable specialists in their fields.

Strengthening the relation with local and international engineering and scientific establishments.



    The Department of Electromechanical Engineering held a consolation meeting on the
    Beginning of the Second try exams for the undergraduate students of the
    The President of the University honors the head of the department and a number of
1st International Conference of Electromechanical Engineering and its Applications (IEMEAC 2019)
     The electromechanical engineering department team wins the championship for the
  Scientific visiting for 3rd year students of the navigation engineering and guidance
    The Head of the Department represents the University of Technology in celebration of
   The Department of Electromechanical Engineering holds the first student festival for
  Workshop on using of the vitally fluids as an alternative to mineral fluids
  The president of university of Technology honors the department for its excellence in

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