Oil and Gas equipment

Oil and Gas Equipment Branch


About Oil and Gas Equipment Branch:

The Oil and Gas Equipment Engineering Branch has been created in order to keep pace with the rapid development in engineering sciences related to oil and gas production, transportation and storage equipment in addition to modern and innovative control methods and techniques that contribute effectively to support the economic side in the country, as this specialty represents a scientific edifice added to the  achievements of University of Technology.


Aim of the Branch:

Preparing applied engineers in the field of engineering oil and gas production, transportation and storage equipment at a distinguished level of knowledge and engineering to support the oil sector in a dynamic and effective way.


Branch Objectives:

1- Graduating engineering cadres with high scientific and practical competence in the field of engineering equipment for oil and gas, which represents the mainstay of oil installations.
2- Graduating qualified engineers in the field of designs and control of oil equipment with a high scientific background in the field of equipment energy efficiency and environmental protection from pollution.
3- Supplying state institutions related to the above specialization with applied engineers specialized in using oil and gas equipment, developing and maintaining them, and how to control technical problems in them.
4- Supporting scientific and research centers with experts and consultants working in this vital and important field.