About remotely piloted aircraft engineering


        The Branch of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering was established in 2018-2019 in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology. This specialization is unique in Iraq. The Branch of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering was founded to meet the needs of the labor market and to pursuit the developments in various international universities. The graduates can work in different governmental ministries, such as Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior. In addition, the graduates can serve in other different governmental establishment, such as the Ministry of Transport / Iraqi Airways, the Directorate of the Air Force, and the Directorate of Civil Defense. Further, they can be employed in Ministries of Agriculture and Oil. After four years of study, the graduates will have high qualifications and knowledge in the techniques of design and manufacture of various kinds of aircraft and their various uses. This will enable them to work in the design and implementation of vehicles and various aircraft and work in the fields of manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, and control stations and ground guidance of different size and applications of aircrafts.