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Legal Unit

The legal unit is responsible for all the legal tasks related to the students and the department's employees.


Main tasks:

For students:

     1. Organizing guarantees for undergraduate and international students admitted to the department.
     2. Organizing student pledges in the event of absenteeism in scheduled classes.
     3. Checking the respective courts regarding the forgery acts and taking legal action.
     4. Participate in the investigation committees about the loss of the student identity cards and maintain records for that.
     5. Participate in the committees of the students discipline and follow the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research policies.
     6. Organizing the required guarantees for students grants.
     7. Organizing guarantees and pledges for students of evening studies.


For Employees:

     1. Organizing the undertakings of the employees.
     2. Make the guarantees and academic commitments for the employees who are studying leave and/or wishing to complete their studies within the country.
     3. Participate in the investigation committees of complaints among the employees and make records by taking statements and make the appropriate decisions according to paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the employees discipline code.
     4. Participate in the investigation committees about the loss of the employees identity cards and maintain records for that.
     5. Provide legal advice and opinion in the subjects addressed to the legal unit.
     6. Follow-up the laws issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
     7. Follow-up contracts concluded between the department and other parties.
     8. Checking the respective courts regarding the employees acts and taking legal action.

Unit Members:

     1. Naderah K. Hussein
     2. Lamia H. Asi




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