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Quality Assurance and University Performance Division

The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division is one of the most important divisions in the department.

Main tasks and duties of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Division in the Department:

  1. Popularize quality assurance culture in the department through seminars, studies, brochures, and publications in coordination with the department of quality assurance and university performance at the university.
  2. Publishing the activities and the events of the department and its employees (faculty and stuff members).
  3. Documenting and archiving the department's employees activities (courses, conferences, seminars, delegations).
  4. Supervising, arranging, and preparing the evaluations of the department’s employees and auditing the work when it is completed.
    Evaluating the educational process by measuring the performance indicators of the inputs and outputs of the education elements (faculty, students, employees, scientific research, design of study programs and curricula, supportive educational services, and social atmosphere within the university).
  5. Create databases and complete files for all educational programs and courses about all degrees offered by the department in preparation for the adoption of what meets the international standards, or the local and international specialized organizations.
  6. Follow up with the research units programs/regulations development in the department to enable the graduated students to reach distinguished level among graduates of the corresponding colleges in order to achieve high competitiveness in the local, national, and international economics.


Division Members:

Lecturer Dr. Ahmad Reja
Asst. Lecturer Hussein Abdulhussein
Asst. Lecturer Mazin Hamza
Eng. Ameer Saadi
Zahraa Salih




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