Cinque Terre

Arshad Abdul Jalil Hameed

Electromechanical Engineering Department

Assistant lecturer

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Arshad is a staff member of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering since 2019. He worked as a demonstrator in the Laboratories. Arshad supervised the fourth-year student's graduation project entitled Solar Water Heater Applications-Experimental Study.

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M.Sc, Electromechanical Engineering, Electromechanical System Engineering, University of Technology, 2019.

B.Sc,Mechanical Engineering & Education, Electromechanical Engineering Department (Technical Education Department (Previously)), University of Technology, 2000.


Electrical Power

Laboratory Demonstrator

Patent, Enhancement the performance of Evacuated Tube solar collector by Control of Solar Radiation and Hybrid Nano-fluids.

Conference sessions shield, the Sixth International Scientific Conference on Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Their Applications, Baghdad, Iraq, 2018.