Cinque Terre

Hadia Kadhim Judran Nahi

Electromechanical Engineering Department


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PhD, Applied Physics, Energies Nanotechnology, University of Technology, 2017.

M.Sc., Applied Physics/ Physics of Solid State, Thin films, University of Technology, 2009.

B.Sc., Applied Physics, Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, 1997.

Preparations of nanomaterials as nanopowders

Preparation of micro and nano thin films

Study the Structural, Morphological, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Nano Films and NanoPpowders

Synthesis of micro and nanofluids with high stability.

Design and fabrication of PV systems

Design and fabrication of cooling system of PV panels

Engineering Physics

Two acknowledgements letters, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, 2020.

Four acknowledgements letters, University President, 2019, 2020.

Five acknowledgements letters, Head of the Electromechanical Engineering Department.

Patent, Design and Implementation of the Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus for Micro and Nano Fluids Using Particles of Copper and Titanium Oxide, Iraq, 2020.

Patent, Synthesis of Economically Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel, Iraq, 2019.

Shield for the excellence and success, the 6th international scientific conference for nanotechnology, advanced materials and their applications, University of Technology, 2018.