Cinque Terre

Hisham Assi Hoshi Najim

Electromechanical Engineering Department

Assistant professor

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Ph.D., Thermal power, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 2016.

M.Sc., Air conditioning and Refrigeration, University of technology, Baghdad-Iraq, 2010.

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 1984.

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

Renewable Energy

Geothermal Gnergy

Fluid Mechanic

Fluid Machinery

Fluid Mechanic and Heat Transfer Laboratory demonstrator.

One Acknowledgement letters, Minister of Higher Education.

Four Acknowledgement letters, President of university.

Patent, "Manufacturing of helical Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using Pressurized air", 2016.

Silver Medal, Participation in the Iraqi energy Exhibition of Inventions.