The President of the University honors the head of the department and a number of faculty members in the celebration of the publication of scientific research




The President of the University of Technology Dr. Emad Mirza Al Husseini, honored the head of Electromechanical Engineering, Dr. Hisham Selim Anyed, and a group of faculty members in Electromechanical Engineering department  in the celebration of the success of the 250-strong research initiative at the Clarevet International Magazines (2018-2019)  in University Theater on Sunday 30/6/2019.

The President of the Department was honored by the President of the University with the ceremonial shield for the outstanding role, continuous support and active participation in the support of the University of Technology and the Scientific Journey, as well as the recognition of Prof. Dr. Jalal Mohammed Jalil, Prof. Dr. Rakeem Ismail Ibrahim, Dr. Gamal Abdel Karim Mohamed, Dr. Mohamed Jawad Mohamed, Dr. Adnan Gharib and Dr. Hussein Saad Abd were awarded certificates of appreciation for publishing a number of researches during the initiative period in the Clarevet containers.