Master degree Discussion
The Department of Electromechanical Engineering awarded a master's thesis in Navigation and Guidance Engineering to the student (Saleh Mohammed Saleh) on 26/10/2023, at the Al-Kindi hall in the department for his tagged research.
"Improving Position Fix and Geo-referencing Accuracy Using Benchmark Reference Point Network Created by GNSS"
The discussion committee consisted of:
1. Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain Ali, Chairman
2. Asst.Prof. Dr. Dina Zaki Mohammed, member
3. Lec. Prof. Dr. Dr. Akeel Abdulkareem Abtan, member
4. Prof. Dr. Sameir Abd Alkhalik Aziez, member and supervisor
5. Asst.Prof. Dr. Ali Youssef Khanyab, member and supervisor