Master Degree  Discussion

 The Department of Electromechanical Engineering awarded a master's thesis in Navigation and Guidance Engineering to the student (Ali Hassanein Mohsen)   on 29/10/2023, at the Al-Kindi hall in the department for his tagged research.
"Antenna Azimuth Position Control System Design Conventional and Intelligent Controller"
The discussion committee consisted of:
1. Asst.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jawad Mohammed, Chairman
2. Asst.Prof. Dr. Intidhar Mhoose Zaghier, member
3. Asst.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Qasim Mohammed, member
4. Asst.Prof. Dr. Iman Saleh Karim, member and supervisor
5. Asst.Prof. Dr. Wisam Essmat Abdul-Lateef, member and supervisor