The Department of Electromechanical Engineering discussed a Master's dissertation to Improve Ventilation Systems by Integrating with Hybrid PV/Thermal Collectors.

The Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology discussed a master's dissertation entitled "Performance Enhancement of Ventilation System by Corporate with Hybrid PV/Thermal Collector, " submitted by the researcher Zahra Waleed Rashid.

Goals were achieved using a precise electronic processor to create a smart ventilation system for greenhouses integrated with a hybrid photovoltaic/thermal collector to cool the photovoltaic panel and control the ventilation system.

The researcher recorded an increase in the efficiency, between 15.48% and 20.50%. The electrical power generation is increased by about 37.38%, and the total airflow in the system is also increased to values between 45.36% and 78.37% during sunny days.

The thesis discussion ended by awarding the student a Master of Science Degree with honors.