Award of a Master's Degree

On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, the Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology discussed a master's thesis of the student "Ayoob Aamer Qasim" on the topic of "Experimental Investigation for Using Electromagnetic Heating to Reduce the Viscosity of Heavy Oil." The research aimed to reduce the viscosity and improve the flow of heavy oil using electromagnetic heating. The heating-up time is reduced, as are the financial costs. The suggested technique is more efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly and can replace the traditional heating plants used in oil refining cycles. Graphene molecules accelerate the electromagnetic heating process and distribute the radiation to all the particles in the heavy oil. Only 2 grams of graphene were added to 350 milliliters of rich oil to achieve a temperature increase of 9 degrees higher than the average rate gained using electromagnetic heating.

The discussion concluded with awarding the student a Master's Degree in Science with honors.