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Mohammed Hassan Jabal Shabeth

Electromechanical Engineering Department

Assistant professor


Mohammed Hassan Jabal (Birth: 1974) holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering by the University of Technology, Malaysia (UTM) and is Assistant Professor in faculty of Electromechanical Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. His main area of interest is the study of Renewable Energy, Thermofluids, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Energy, Bio-lubricant engineering, Biomass.

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering/ Energy and Fluid (Hydraulic and pneumatic), University of Technology, Malaysia-UTM, 2016.

MSc, Electromechanical Engineering/Heat Transfer, University of Technology, Baghdad Iraq, 2000.

BSc, Mechanical Engineering/ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 1998.

Renewable energy


Hydraulic and pneumatic Energy


lubricant Engineering

Heat Transfer

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Engineering Mechanics

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Renewable energy

Best Performance, University Chancellor, 2011, 2016

Acknowledgements, Dean of Faculty (Electromechanical Engineering), 2012, 2017, 2018

Acknowledgements, University Chancellor), 2019

Acknowledgements, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, 2020